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If you are a kinds of person who like to live and create things own your on which you have not done or experience before then the game of My Story is really meant for you. Here you have to choose a character first and then you can command it to do and chose you story to move your life with it.

In the virtual world you can do and create things as per your choice and get real life experience. At the same time, you can also manage the situations that you might be able to do in real world or life. Here you have to make sure with My Story Cheats that you have enough diamonds to unlock or choose your story.

Graphics of this game

If you want to know about the game graphics, it is showing you the main contents awesome in adorable game. Apart from it, stunning gameplay of this game makes it worth playing.

Features of the game

  • There are great amount of features of this very My Story game which makes it more unique and extremely stunning to play. The batter and broader idea of the game provides whole content such as:
    • You are the decision maker here and decide what will happen next and have good control over it.
    • To customize your chosen character and choose different style of everything such as clothes, hairstyle and get-ups for it.
    • Different characters of different stories and different lives can be lived at once by you in the game.
    • Dozens of interesting stories and different lives of the game allows you to live the life king size.
    • Different genre such as romance, comedy, tragedy and so on to play.

Hidden features and diamonds

There are lots of things and features with diamonds to explore. The game player can get them automatically as well as with the help of My Story Cheats too. These diamonds help the gemar to unlock enough diamonds to have new stories of the game to be played.