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Kim Kardashian Hollywood is an advanced role playing game created by Glu Games. There are already so many games role playing games available in the online store. The graphics and gameplay of the game are very much unique and enjoyable. Having amazing gameplay and famous brand ambassador made the game more famous.


  • In the game, there are many missions and tasks to complete. New missions unlock after completing available missions. Every mission is different and has several ways to complete. The game came with so many features, and some of them are written down below Kardashian game.
  • Players can customize the main character as their choice. Users are also allowed to buy things related to clothes, accessories to personalize the character. With every new customization character gain experience points which help in unlocking new tasks.
  • Dating strategy of the game is easy and more successful to raise reputation points. While increasing the reputation points, players also gain fans which help in to be famous. After reaching certain levels, the character starts to gain fans after completing tasks.
  • Modeling jobs are the part of the game, which indicates that you are willing to be a celebrity because it is the basic thing of a model celebrity. Modeling jobs are everywhere in the game but try to choose Kardashian game hacks to gain popularity quicker than other places of modeling. Jobs are the way of earning cash and experience.