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Many people look to listen to music whenever they are bored, stressed out or are not feeling well. They feel good when they get to hear their favorite music. Listening to music is a good hobby to have. It has been linked to different health benefits and the overall well being of the body. There are a lot more reasons to listen to music other than enjoying the music. People listen to music to enjoy but there are many health benefits related to it as well. These points have also been scientifically proven. Not many people are aware of it and thus, we have made a list of all the benefits of listening to music and why you should do it more often.

Makes you happier and sleep better

There is a hormone called dopamine which is responsible for making you happier. When you listen to music, dopamine is released. This stops you from having depressing thoughts and insomnia by making you feel happier. Listening to some classical music for about 45 minutes before bedtime helps to fight insomnia, depression and enables better sleep.

Enhances Running Performance

Listening to fast and loud music could result in better running performance than those who listen to calm music or no music at all. If you are lazy or are looking to improve your ability in running, you should put on your headphones and listen to some motivational music.

Lowers stress

The levels of cortisol, the stress hormone is decreased when you listen to music. In fact, singing and playing musical instruments can boost your immune system. If you are having a stressful day, either play the musical instrument of your choice or release to some calm music. This would lower down the secretion of cortisol into the body. Look to enjoy the music anytime you hear it.

Better Learning and Memory

Music also helps you to learn faster and improves recalling information. It also improves the learning and different kinds of music can help better. Listening to soft and calm music proved to be the most helpful while musicians have proved to learn better with some positive music rather than neutral music. In any case, the music seemed to help in strengthening the learning and memorizing ability of the participant.

Increases Verbal IntelligenceChildren who learn music lessons have been noted to learn words better and explain the meaning of the words. They also seemed to perform better in the verbal memory test than those children who haven’t take any music lessons. This allows children to retain verbal words better than other children.

Better mood while driving

One thing which most people will agree to is that music elevates the mood while you are driving. This leads to lesser road accidents as you are more attentive and less sleepy while driving. You will also be more cautious than usual.


Music is beneficial to people of different age groups and all people can benefit from it in some way or the other. If you haven’t been listening to music for a long time, it is recommended that you start listening to music because of the various benefits which it has to offer.