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Marvel Contest of Champions is the mobile game which was launched on 10 December 2014. Kabam developed the game for iOS and Android platform. We have heard about the comics of Marvel, so the game is based on the comic series. It is consist of several characters, and the player has the choice for selecting the character. It is one of the famous games that represent a story of iron man and may other characters. Most of the players like to play the role of iron man as a central role. The action game has several features that you need to know.


Invite your friends

·         If the players want, then they can invite their friends for making the alliance.

·         The team building strategies help you in the fighting.

·         For playing the best, make sure that you need to complete the task with your friends and get the rewards.

Collect the super heroes

·           The players have the choice for selecting the super heroes.

·           As a player, you always try to make a strong team of super heroes for winning aspect.

·           The best issue that you can do is to create a pair with Black Panther for earning the rewards and some points.


·                The player will meet with several aspects and battles which that need to fight.

·                As it is the action game so, one can make the best strategy for winning the battle.

·                If you don’t want to make the battle, so try to play the quest to get some rewards for nest aspects.


Thus, these are some aspects of playing the game that a player needs to know. Try to play the game effectively and use some strategies for generating some interest.